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Lepanam Ayurvedic Therapy For A Flawless Skin!

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Lepanam Ayurvedic Therapy For A Flawless Skin!

Ayurveda treatment has in the present times emerged as a good remedy for various health issues and also for a good skin and hair at economical prices. There are many ayurvedic herbs that are available for the skin in order to increase the texture and quality of the human skin. The herbs are free from any chemical substances and restore the balance of the skin and its quality in the most natural way.

Lepanam therapy
It is an Ayurveda therapy which Is recommended and used for people suffering from inflammatory pain and conditions. In this specific treatment, a mixture is prepared by mixing the medicines and some herbal liquids together which made into a paste. This mixture is known as lepam. This paste is then applied on the several affected parts of the body.

This lepam paste acts as a scrubber to the body which is used to rejuvenate blood circulation, make the skin smooth, remove skin disorders and relieve pain management, at the same time it also activates the healing and natural purifying abilities of the body.


  • Lepam paste helps to relieve the inflammatory diseases.
  • It helps to cure Eczema
  • Also helps to cure Psoriasis

The lepanam Ayurveda therapy is an effective therapy for healing skin conditions and to provide a clean and glowing skin. This therapy should be applied for 90 whole minutes to 2 hours each day and this practice should be continued till 7-14 days.

The lepanam paste in order to make it more effective can be mixed herbal ghees and milk. Arthritis can also be cured through this treatment of Ayurveda. It is a very easy and economical way of treating your skin without going to the clinic and investing bundles of money. The ingredients of the paste are also easily available and does not cost too much. This is a perfect home remedy to get a flawless skin at home on a short note basis and without much efforts and complications.

Lepam therapy is a very commonly used therapy for treating the skin in the recent days.

Things to remember
Apart from applying this Ayurveda treatment and therapy on the skin to keep it flawless and fresh and young, it is also important to eat healthy and perform a little amount of exercise in order to maintain a good skin. Yoga and meditation are suggested by Ayurveda for good skin. If you perform these instructions on a daily basis and without any implication of other alongside cream or medicine then this lepanam treatment is surely going to make you feel the change on your skin in a short span of time. It is indeed very effective.

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