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Laser Hair Removal

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I’m Dr. Manjiri. Today, We are going to talk on one more topic which is very close to the heart of young girls. It is about laser hair removal. Thousands of women are so bothered about hair on their hands, on their legs, and some time facial hair too. Now, we have a very  innovative and a very new effective way of treating facial hair. So, we now have a lasers, which are intense pulsed lights. What it does is, with one shot, it destroys the hair because there is pigment in the hair, So this pigment absorbs the laser and it gets completely burned.

In one shot, a lot of hair are removed, but the patient does not feel any pain or there is no scar later on. So how many sessions one has to take? You have to take about 3 to 5 sessions at the interval of 3 to 4 months, depending on your hair growth. Once these sessions are taken, up to 95% of the hair do not regrow. So, you can call it as permanent reduction of hair. One can take these sessions on their entire body, on their face, on their armpits, and you’ll be free of this hair on your body. You can have a really beautiful and young skin, and say bye-bye to your unwanted hair. Thank you very much. Watch us on Lybrate for further sessions on skin treatments.

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