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Laser Hair Reduction

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Dr. Shilpi Bhadani 91% (99 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, Fellowship In Aesthetic Surgery, MRCS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Gurgaon  •  14 years experience
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Hello everyone. I am Dr Shilpi Bhadani, a plastic surgeon in Gurgaon. Today I will speak about Laser Hair Reduction.

Laser hair reduction is increasing in popularity as a method to remove unwanted body hair. The most common areas include the underarms, facial hair, the chest hair in males, the back hair also in males, leg, arms, bikini line. So there is almost no body part which is spared from laser hair reduction. 

But it is important for the people who are seeking laser hair reduction to understand that, "what is the expectation and whether the reality will match the expectation or not?"

So, the first consultation with the laser specialist is important. And one must know the modality that is being used for the Laser Hair reduction. There can be multiple modalities like - Diode, Nd-YAG Q-Switched and IPL. Out of this, Diode and Nd-YAG are equally successfull an popular. However, the gold standard is Diode laser hair reduction. 

The black hair is most effectively targeted and it is mostly targeted in the growth phase. Now, hair grows in a cyclic manner that is why it needs sessions to ultimately reduce the hair growth. And one thing you need to understand that it is not hair removal, it is hair reduction. So, although some people do achieve freedom from hair but gradually you will need maintenance and that will depend on person to person. Although it is not much. When you had about 6-8 sessions, then it is really good. 

Laser hair reduction for the face usually sort after by women or girls who have the syndrome called as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in which there is Hirsutism that means the unwanted facial hair in male growth pattern is there. LOaser hair reduction is a very effective modality for this unwanted growth of hair but it must also be understood by the patients that PCOD must be treated. So, simultaneous treatment for PCOD is essential. So, you will need a consultation with person who treats PCOS liek an endocrinologist or a gynaecologist simultaneous to the Laser Hair Reduction.

So, it is grwoing in popularity and it is very very successfull method.

We do Laser Hair Reduction at our clinic. If you want to contact, you can contact me through Lybrate.

Thank you.

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