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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty - What All Should You Know About It?

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Dr. Tarwinder Singh NagpalCosmetic/Plastic Surgeon • 18 Years Exp.MS - General Surgery
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Haemorrhoids or piles is a condition where the veins in and around your anus become swollen. This swollen vein sticks out from the anus and can make sitting and moving difficult. Laser haemorrhoidoplasty is one of the best ways to treat advanced forms of the condition. However, before knowing more about the procedure, you should learn more about piles in general.

Causes of piles-
You are likely to develop piles in the following events –
• If you strain excessively during bowel movements
• If you sit for prolonged periods on the toilet
• If you suffer from constipation or chronic cases of diarrhoea
• If you are overweight or obese
• If you are pregnant
• If you engage in anal sexual intercourse
• If your diet lacks proper quantities of fibre
The likelihood of having piles increase with your age. This is because the tissues supporting your veins tend to lose their strength, as you grow old.

Symptoms of piles-
If you suffer from piles, you can easily notice certain symptoms from the condition. Here are the most common signs of haemorrhoids –
• You will notice bleeding during bowel movements. However, you will not feel any pain from the said bleeding.
• Your anal and rectum area will itch throughout the day. You will experience irritation in the region as well.
• You will notice a lump formation near the anus, which will lead to extreme pain and discomfort. Sitting and walking may also become painful due to the presence of the lump
• You may also notice a general swelling in your anus region.
However, the exact symptoms may vary from one affected person to the next, based on the location and type of haemorrhoids.

How does laser haemorroidoplasty help in the treatment of piles?
While most haemorrhoids are treated with medication and lifestyle changes alone, advanced cases require additional procedures. Laser haemorrhoidoplasty is one such procedure used to treat severe piles cases.
This treatment results in the reduction of the size of the haemorrhoid. The laser energy passes through the haemorrhoidal node, destroying it in the process.

Here are some advantages of laser haemorrhoidoplasty –
• Closes the arteries carrying blood inside the haemorrhoid
• Reduction of the haemorrhoidal node tissues
• Preservation of most of the mucosa, anal lining and muscle
• Rectifies the issues with the anatomical structure and restores it to normal
• A minimally invasive procedure, which limits post-operative pain and scarring

If you suffer from an advanced stage of piles, speak to your doctor and see whether laser haemorrhoidoplasty is an option for you.

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