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Kidney Transplant In Children!

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Kidney Transplant In Children!

When a child is suffering from an Established Renal Failure (ERF), then he/she needs a Kidney Transplant. This is a stage where the kidneys have failed beyond the stage of repair. This stage is called the end stage of kidney failure or Chronic Kidney Disorder-stage 5. This condition is a lifelong condition as it cannot be undone. The failure process happens very slowly over a few years. Basically, Chronic Kidney Failure has five stages, and in the final stage your kidney will give up completely.

Why not dialysis?

Many children will be given dialysis treatment when the kidneys fail to work. This is a process in which the blood is purified externally. That is basically the job of the kidneys. But this is not the right treatment as dialysis will not be able to do all that your kidneys can do like making of red blood cells and keeping the bones strong. So, in such a condition, children will have to restrict themselves from drinking and eating and also the symptoms of kidney failure will persist. For dialysis, child has to undergo treatment every alternate day till he /she receives a kidney transplant. Its more costly then kidney transplant in long term and child growth is hampered. Dialysis is usually a bridge between kidney failure and transplant.

Preparing for a Kidney Transplant

When you are told that your child needs a Kidney Transplant, then you should first take him/her to the Transplant Hospital. A few tests will be done by a team of health experts at the hospital to check if your child is good to go for a surgery. Also, they will check if he/she will be able to tolerate the medication given post surgery. When your child is ready, then he/she will have to wait for a donor Kidney. If you get it from a relative that match your child.s blood group and tissue types, then they are called living donors and their organ is placed in the body of your baby. If not, your child will have to wait for a non-living donor, for which the child.s name will be added to the waiting list. While your child is on the waiting list, he/she will have to undergo dialysis in order to keep him/her healthy.

Benefits of Kidney Transplant:

A Kidney Transplant is definitely not a permanent solution for those kids with Chronic Kidney failure. But when you are able to find a suitable donor and successful transplant takes place, you can stop dialysis. This is something that can give you some relief. Your child will be able to eat normally and live in a normal way like other kids do. If your child takes all medications in the right way and you add a little more care to it, then the replaced kidney can work for many years. Your child needs to visit the hospital regularly even after the transplant is done.

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