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Jaundice - Precautions You Must Take!

Dr. Vishwas Madhav Thakur 91% (916 ratings)
General Physician, Gurgaon  •  28 years experience
Jaundice - Precautions You Must Take!

Jaundice is a disease that is related to the liver. It affects thousands of people across the globe. Due to an increased build-up of bilirubin in the body, the skin, nails, and the eyes becomes yellowish in colour. While the condition is easily treatable, if detected in the early stages, it can be easily avoided if certain precautionary measures are taken.

  1. Food: It should be ensured that food is consumed fresh and hot in order to avoid jaundice. This is more applicable especially, during the monsoons when the chances of food contamination are on the higher side. Vegetables should be thoroughly washed before cooking in order to avoid any liver infection.
  2. Clean water: Consumption of clean water is a pre-requisite in order to avoid jaundice. Drinking filtered water should be an absolute must. If the water is known to be unsafe, it makes sense to boil it before drinking. Bottled or packaged water should be consumed when travelling outside to avoid the risk of jaundice.
  3. Frequent hydration: Drinking at least 3-4 litres of water per day goes a long way in refraining from jaundice. Water has multiple health benefits. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, it ensures good blood circulation and cleanses a lot of unwanted body waste. Even fruit juice can be consumed to stay away from jaundice. Certain beverages such as sweetened water should be eschewed to remain healthy.
  4. VaccinationA jaundice vaccination goes a long way in ensuring that the disease cannot infiltrate the body. There are separate vaccines available to safeguard against both hepatitis A and B. In most countries jaundice vaccination are injected free of cost for children under 10 years. Jaundice vaccines are available over the counter as well.
  5. Alcohol consumption: Alcohol consumption can kill slowly. They are known to have adverse effects on the liver which can result in jaundice and a host of other complicated diseases. An alcohol addict also takes a lot of time to recover from jaundice. It, therefore, makes sense to refrain from alcohol or limit it to a bare minimum in order to avoid jaundice.
  6. Maintaining weight: Obesity is closely connected with the occurrence of jaundice. Fat cells not only increase the cholesterol level of the body but raise the risk of gallstones as well. It is important to maintain a healthy BMI to ensure that the liver functions well.
  7. Maintaining hygiene: Maintaining good hygiene is a good way to stay away from jaundice. Small yet important things such as washing hands before a meal, regularly taking bath, washing teeth twice a day, wearing clean and washed clothes will ensure that the liver is not infected in any manner what so ever. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a General Physician.
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