IVF - Tips To Combat With Emotional Upheavals!

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IVF - Tips To Combat With Emotional Upheavals!

Infertility is becoming a common issue in modern lives, and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is looked at as one of the most effective and definitive treatment options for couples facing infertility. With advances in medical technology, success rates have gone up. However, considering the social norms, infertility itself is an emotional issue. To top it, IVF brings with it a host of emotional issues, which can lead to difficult times for the woman, in particular, the couple and close family members at large.

Some of the issues are:

  • Side effects of medications: The various overdoses of hormones causes emotional challenges for the woman. The mood swings and bodily changes are difficult for sure.
  • Financial issues: IVF, though definitive, is not an economic option. There are very few insurance companies who will cover this, and so the finances have to be planned for.
  • Anxiety of failure: IVF does not have a 100% success rate, so after embryo transfer, there is a period of waiting, which is can be very anxious.
  • Feeling of inadequacy: Feeling inadequate and failure to conceive. This can make a couple feel guilty and different than normal couples.
  • Coping techniques: The following can help the couple deal better with the stress related to IVF.

    • Counselling: Talking to a counsellor about infertility, in general, can help a couple come to terms that they are not normal and IVF is a real issue faced by many people. This will help them deal with the condition at hand practically.
    • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT): This helps in altering the thought process about the problem and addressing it differently. This helps reduce stress, improves the ability to manage finances, and even helps improve success rates of IVF.
    • Read up: The couple should spend time together researching about IVF and infertility. This will help them support each other and understand what the other person is going through.
    • Choosing the right team: Having someone help you solve the issue is different from having someone help you sail through to a solution. Choose a team which is not just medically but also emotionally sound.
    • Lifestyle: Eating fresh and healthy foods, having a routine workout, no smoking, no alcohol, no caffeine, and good regular resting are tips to take care of your overall health. Stay away from junk, processed, and packaged foods.
    • Stress management: Be it music or meditation, pick an option and stay stress-free. IVF is a stressful phase for sure for couples, but getting stressed does not help the situation.
    • Attitude: A positive outlook and atmosphere in life helps sail through IVF a lot more easily. Try and stay away from negativity and be more around positive people more.
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