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Is It Dangerous For Kidney To Hold Your Pee?

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MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Fellowship In Infertility, MCh - Urology, MS - General Surgery
Urologist, Delhi  •  34 years experience
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Hello friends,

I am Doctor Anirudh Kaushik and senior consultant Urologist at Holy Family hospital and my clinic is complete family Clinic and program.

Today I will talk about stone disease especially the kidney stone disease. In Kidney Disease wants her very prevalent in North India and this part of Delhi Haryana and Rajasthan. The incidence of kidney stones is very high or simply because of hot weather kidney stones can be of many times it can be a renal stone which is a kidney stone and lying on one side not obstructing then it required only medical management system can be a kidney stone which is blocking the urinary passage most likely require surgery.

And many times when the patient comes with the stone is stuck in the ureters the urinary stones are the most troublesome because the cause severe policy the prevention of kidney stone why North India has so much prevalence of kidney stone is one should drink at least four to five litres of water in summer season or 3 to 4 litres of water in winters if you give yourself well hydrated anyone if you have a tendency to take excret certain salts in your urine those salts will remain hydrated has been detected and will not give rise to formation of Crystal and one thing very important to understand here is if you have been really very religiously taking care of your hydration but if even for 5 minutes if urine is concentrated then a crystal formation offering can precipitate formation of a stone because crystal forms that are the foundation stone laid of a stone in the future.

However stones can again be treated with swl which is extracorporeal shock wave Lithotripsy but the stone sem enable for this modality of treatment are the one which is not very obstru ctive in nature and now we don't treat big stones with this because this modality the advantage meaning that the shock wave is given from outside no surgery of any kind is performed but it only brake system and the passage of all those broken down fragments is on the person so bigger the stone more the fragments more fragments will have to fast way we are seeing all these treatments main give you problem so that is why is wl is not so popular as we thought it would be the most commonly used mortality for treatment of kidney stone is PCNL in which a punctured is down to the skin write into the kidney and a guide wire is passed into the kidney and all that died by v dilator track and have access to the kidney through a tube through that you will pass a telescope in break the stone with laser and all the broken down fragments are immediately removed through that tube which has access from the skin to the kidney and at the end a stand double standard space inside and this is about the kidney stones the other states which are very commonly found unitrix stone for that the modality is like you refer scopic Lithotripsy or RIRS same principal telescope is passed into the ureter stone is seen and broken down with the laser and Statistics it so it requires only one or two days of hospitalization and one is free of the disease

Thanks you.

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