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#IPL2018 - Food Habits Before, During And After A Workout!

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Dietitian/Nutritionist, Surat  •  17 years experience
#IPL2018 - Food Habits Before, During And After A Workout!

With IPL fever on the rise, all the players are giving us major fitness goals. It is indeed inspiring how despite such hectic and busy schedule, they manage to keep themselves fit and take all the challenges head-on. While a right balance of rest and exercise is essential, proper diet plays an equally important role in keeping them in best of health. Let us read on to know the importance of right food not just cricketers but every athlete.

Just like a car that needs the right fuel to function at its best, all athletes require the right fuel to be successful in their sport. Eating right before, during and after your workout can not only keep you feeling energized but will ensure that you stay injury-free as well. Our body functions like a well-oiled machine only when given the right kinds of food. While the right food is critical, the timing of such foods can also play a huge role in ensuring that you achieve your goal successfully.

Before The Workout

While you what you eat can vary depending on what kind of foods you eat generally, it is definitely a better idea to focus on the right kinds of food that you should include before your workout. If you are an athlete, then you should pay attention to:

  • Low-fat meals before your performance day will ensure that your body is working out at its peak
  • Carbohydrates and protein should be taken in very little quantities
  • Vegetarians should increase intake of soy, paneer, and tofu
  • Non-vegetarians should focus on chicken, seafood, and eggs
  • Fried and high-fat foods should be completely avoided

During The Workout

As an athlete, staying hydrated and keeping your energy levels up during your performance is key. This is applicable even during your workout session. High-level athletes constantly stay hydrated by drinking energy drinks and eating snacks containing carbohydrates. Sports drinks and water at regular intervals will ensure that you do not get dehydrated anytime during the game or workout. As far as eating is considered, whether you are playing a game or are in a high-intensity workout, consuming foods that have a combination of lean protein and carbohydrates is absolutely critical. Bananas, rolls with lean meat, salads, tomato-based carbohydrates, smoothies, and yogurts are a great way to accomplish the above.

After The Workout 

After a game or a high-intensity workout, the focus should remain on replenishing the lost energy and this can only be achieved by consuming complex carbohydrates and tons of fluids depending on water loss during the game. Foods such as wraps with lean meat, salad wraps, cheese and tomato sandwiches (low-fat cheese), dry fruits, nuts, and smoothies are just a few ideas on how you can replace the lost energy so your body can begin the process of repair. Most players tend to have alcohol which can mess around with the recovery process if there is an injury. However, try to increase fluids by taking water or electrolytes before such alcohol consumption to prevent damage.

Focusing on the right foods can truly help you to achieve the next level of fitness in your game or performance.

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