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Increase In Obesity In Today's Generation!

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Increase In Obesity In Today's Generation!

It has been estimated that by the year 2025, India will have over 17 million obese children, to become second among 184 countries where obesity is a matter of concern. According to a study, there are almost 108 million children and more than 600 million adults whose BMI is greater than 30, which means they are obese.

The different causes of Obesity
Well, under the influence of western countries, consuming fat rich food, and making modifications in their lifestyle is resulting in a significant increase in obesity. The increase in obesity can be connected with the following reasons such as:

  1. The decrease in physical activity - Nowadays, kids are becoming couch potatoes or mobile & internet addicts. They do not like playing outdoor games and are very inactive as compared to the previous generations.
  2. Involvement in technology - It has played a very important role in increasing obesity among children. They spend more time using electronic gadgets like computer, playing games on mobile phones and laptops, and keep watching television for hours, eventually getting inactive.
  3. Bad eating habits - Eating a lot of junk food and following unhealthy diets which do not contain any nutritious components is also a major reason behind children becoming obese. The changing lifestyle leads to the increase in ignorance of parents to manage healthy meals for their kids.

Various health effects of obesity

  1. Obese people are more prone to suffer from bone-related problems and sleep disorders. Disturbance in the physical and psychological well-being such as lowering self-esteem and becoming a victim of bullying are some of the other problems obese people often face.
  2. They are more prone to diabetes and heart-related diseases such as elevated blood pressure.
  3. Overweight leads to increase the risk of cancer which may occur at any body part.

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and hence, more attention should be paid on health matters. People should focus on maintaining good health by eating healthy and nutritious food and proper physical activities. Obesity is a crucial issue to be taken into consideration not only in India but in every part of the world. More awareness should be spread to educate people regarding the importance of health.

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