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Impact Of Obesity On The Risk Of Hypertension!

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Impact Of Obesity On The Risk Of Hypertension!

Hypertension and obesity have become quite prevalent in the past few years. These conditions have raised concerns about the various health problems they can lead to. You must know that hypertension and obesity are interlinked, if you are overweight it increases your risk of hypertension. In case of childhood obesity, the risk of hypertension further increases by three times. Increased body weight raises:

Studies reveal that weight-loss of around 10% can lead to a significant drop in blood pressure. It also reduces the pressure on your heart to pump blood.

Tips to maintain a healthy weight

Obesity, as you know, is not just linked to hypertension, but can also lead to many other complications, affecting the quality of life. By maintaining a  healthy weight or reducing those few extra kilos you can lead a healthier life. The following tips can help you in reaching the desired weight:

  • Increased fiber intake: FIber gives you satiety, which means fewer hunger pangs and less binge- eating. Fruits, vegetables, beans and whole-grain cereals are a good source of fiber.

  • Eat less refined foods: Foods like white bread, potatoes, pasta or rice are generally low in fiber and don’t have high nutritional value. They are also low GI foods, and can also lead to weight gain.

  • Check your serving: It is important to monitor the serving size, as it helps in keeping a check on the intake of calories too. Always remember if you want to lose weight, calorie in should never be more than calorie out.

  • Maintain a food log: Writing down what and when you eat, can help in analyzing where are you lacking. It will also help in improving your food habits

  • Physical activity: Other than eating healthy, it is important to burn those extra calories. It also lowers blood pressure. Even small changes like taking stairs instead of elevator, walking a few extra steps daily can also be of great help.

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