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Last Updated: Dec 20, 2023

If You Have These Symptoms Check For Arthritis!

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Dr. Ankit BhartiaOrthopedic Doctor • 17 Years Exp.MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Shoulder & Knee
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Our skeletal structure is truly a work of art however, when we are faced with bone related disorders, our lives is no less than a roller coaster ride. Arthritis is one such ailment which can really alter the quality of life of a person who suffers from it. Taking into account the impact, would it not be good to know the symptoms of early arthritis, so it can be detected before it gets too bad?

There are a few symptoms of the condition, but it is to be noted that the intensity of the symptoms even in the earlier stages of the issue do vary widely. As a matter of fact, the problem can be developing for months on end without a person even knowing that he or she has arthritis while on the other hand, there are quite a few cases in which a person is provided with an almost instant ‘notification’ that arthritis has started having its degenerative impact on his or her joints.

What signs to watch out for?
There are three areas that need attention if trying to detect arthritis:

  1. Knees: When a person is in the process of developing arthritis, the signs he or she should be aware of include his or her knees being shaped like an outward curve; if he or she is developing the condition in the knee. Apart from this, a limp can also be seen for a lot of people who develop arthritis which affects the joints which bear the weight of the body. The best example of this is a case of arthritis affecting the ankle or the knee.
  2. Neck: If a person has a near constant pain in the lower back or also of the neck, he or she should be aware of the fact that there could be arthritis developing and it is important for a doctor to be consulted about the same.
  3. Fingers: In some cases, the signs of arthritis may not even be the cause of pain to a person. This is true when a person begins to develop something such as Bouchard’s node; which affects the fingers when arthritis begins to set in on the digits. These nodes are not painful, in most cases, but, it is to be kept in mind, that they have the ability to limit the motion of the fingers which are affected.

Arthritis is something that can and should be limited to as far an extent as possible, rather than being allowed to worsen a person’s condition and not allow him or her to have the freedom he or she is used to having in life. 

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