How To Maintain Oral Hygiene?

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Hello friends! Myself Dr. Shelly Gupta. I have BDS from Sudha Rustagi College of Dental Sciences Research, Faridabad.

Today I want to discuss some tips with you all regarding how to maintain good oral hygiene. For this few things are very important. First is brushing, second toothpaste, third flossing and fourth is mouthwash. Now we will discuss all these things one by one. First is tooth brushing, selection of toothbrush is more important rather than a selection of a toothpaste. We should brush our teeth twice daily and our toothbrush should be soft. We should change our brush in every 3 months.

Change of toothbrush in every 3 months is more important and you can change it before time also. Floss before every brushing. Dental floss is a thin waxed thread which gently slides debris between teeth and eradicates plague, keeping mouth free from bacteria. Floss should be wrapped between around the fingers and then stretched tightly between the thumbs. Floss should be moved carefully up and down the side of the teeth. Other interdental devices are an interdental toothbrush, rubber or wooden tips.

A dentist is trained to determine the need of the patient that which kind of interdental device he or she should use. Now the third is mouthwash, the recommended dose of mouthwash is 10ml. rinse with 10ml solution of mouthwash once after breakfast and once at bedtime. Now the next point comes about the toothpaste. High fluoride content containing toothpaste must be used in case of dental advice only otherwise anyone can use toothpaste of creamy consistency.

Now the question arises that where does the dentist fit into good oral hygiene? Visit your dentist in every 6-12 months. The dentist is able to recommended cleaning techniques and products. Clean plague and calculus from teeth, fill cavities that could lead to further tooth decay. Administer fluoride treatment, treat mild gingivitis before it turns into periodontitis, take radiographs, reinforce oral hygiene instructions over the long term. So for further queries, you can contact me.

Thank you!

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