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Last Updated: Nov 27, 2019

How Does Physiotherapy Help In Paralysis?

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Paralysis means the loss of normal muscle function in a part of the body. It can occur to any part of the body such as just the legs, just the arms, or complete lower or upper body paralysis. The signals from the brain to that part of the body will stop, as a result of which, the person will not be able to move that part of the body. There will be a complete loss of sensation in that body part, the person will not be able to feel any pain or anything else.

Types of Paralysis:
Based on which part of the body is affected by paralysis, you can classify paralysis into four types:

  • When just one limb is paralyzed, it is called MONOPLEGIA.
  • When one side of the body is paralyzed, such as a leg and an arm, then it is called HEMIPLEGIA.
  • When the lower part of the body is paralyzed, then it is called PARAPLEGIA.
  • When both your legs and arms are paralyzed, it is called QUADRIPLEGIA.

How is Paralysis caused?
Our sensation and movement are controlled by the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system. So, when there is any disruption in the communication between the brain and the muscles, muscle movement and control will be affected. In the long term, this will cause weakness in the muscles and finally, end with paralysis.

How does physiotherapy help with paralysis?

Basically, there is one important thing that you need to know about paralysis and that is there is no treatment available for paralysis. But physiotherapy offers a ray of hope. It may not help in treating this problem totally, but the person with paralysis will be able to get independent and more mobile.

  • The first thing you need to do is, you should start the physiotherapy treatment as soon as a person is affected with paralysis. You should not waste a lot of time. Early treatment can offer better results.
  • The main objective of physiotherapy for any patient is to make them as mobile as possible.
  • When you are undergoing physiotherapy treatment for paralysis, it will stop the progress of the paralysis.
  • If the paralysis is due to an external injury to your brain, then you will be highly benefited by physiotherapy. The physiotherapist will start working on the external swelling and also on the muscles that are not affected by the trauma. This will result in making a paralyzed person more mobile.

Physiotherapy is always considered as one of the best treatments for many health conditions. Many experts recommend physiotherapy for paralysis.

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