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How Can Homeopathy Help You Counter Winter Ailments?

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How Can Homeopathy Help You Counter Winter Ailments?

The cold days are here again, which means it is time to get those warm woollen clothes and jackets out of your closet. Winters are generally dry – lack of moisture in the air allows various illness-causing bacteria and virus to thrive. And if your immune system is weak, your body becomes vulnerable.

Here are some of the most common ailments that follow in winter-

• Cold and flu - A viral infection of the throat and nose
A sore throat - Pain and itchiness in the throat that worsens when you swallow
Asthma - When your airways become narrow and inflamed, making it difficult for you to breathe
Tonsillitis - When the oval-shaped tissues at the back of your throat become inflamed due to a bacterial/viral infection
Acute ear infection - Excessive cold can lead to accumulation of moisture in the ear, which in turn causes an acute ear infection
Chickenpox - An extremely contagious viral infection that spreads through the air, and is characterized by blister-like patches on the skin

How can homoeopathy help counter winter ailments?

Instead of relying on conventional medications, which have serious side effects, you can go for Homeopathy treatment. It is safer and more efficient.

• Homoeopathy treatment is based on a paradoxical theory. This means it believes that a substance that triggers a set of symptoms is also capable of curing them. The same substance if administered in a diluted form allows the body to develop the necessary defence mechanism to fight off the illness.

Common cold flu, throat infection etc. occur when your immune system fails to fight back the bacteria/virus that is causing the problem. This occurs due to a weak immune system. Homoeopathy works to improve and boost immunity, so you do not encounter any of the above-stated ailments in winter.

• As stated earlier, medications and drugs used in traditional treatment methods often have adverse effects on the body. Homoeopathy, on the contrary, uses natural ingredients and substances from plant and animal bodies. This is why they are free from side effects.

Winters are the time for relaxation, laughter and celebration. However, falling sick during the peak season can force your plans to take a back seat. Therefore, precaution and seeking homoeopathy treatment at the earliest is the best way to counter winter ailments.

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