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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023

How Can Counselling Help A Patient With Tinnitus?

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Dr. S M GuptaENT Specialist • 42 Years Exp.MS - ENT, MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
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A patient suffering from tinnitus will experience a sensation of ringing in the ears. However, during this time they may also hear certain sounds such as whistling, clicking or hissing sounds. These sounds can keep either be episodic or regular. There isn’t any cure for the condition of tinnitus but the symptoms can be managed. Most people get used to the ringing sensation over a period of time. For many others tinnitus can cause insomnia, can make concentrating troublesome and can also lead to depression and or anxiety.

The noise that is heard in tinnitus by the patient is generally exclusive. Patient suffering with tinnitus will hear either low or high-pitched ringing noise. This is indicative of a severe condition. The volume keeps fluctuating and most likely affects a person during the night. In severe cases, a person can even lose his ability to hear.

Tinnitus involves disturbance within the auditory system and is resistant to a range of treatments. Tinnitus can be quite difficult to treat and therefore, counselling can be a way of dealing with it. This is because those who suffer from tinnitus can experience extreme levels of emotional imbalance, trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and disruption of one’s social life.

How can counselling help?
Counselling aids in lowering the negative effects of the condition and enables the patients to comprehend their situation better. By coming to terms with their condition, it can markedly lower the disturbance levels.
Counselling is very important for treating tinnitus. The counselling method makes use of sessions that involve advising, empowering and informing the patients who are in need of support. The main aim of helping a tinnitus patient with counselling is either to reduce the severity of condition itself or to help a patient deal with his or her annoyance that arises out of suffering from the condition.

You should consult a trained psychologist if you think you are suffer from the condition. The degree of counselling is also dependent on the environment. A tinnitus management therapy primarily aims to reduce the stress caused on the patient’s life. These include psycho-educational approach that can be either carried out in single sessions or in groups. The psycho-education approach comprises maintaining sleeping hygiene, relaxation techniques and providing training for controlling attention.

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