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How Brandy Helps In Cold And Flu?

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How Brandy Helps In Cold And Flu?

How brandy helps in cold and flu?

Brandy is prepared from further distillation of wine to make alcohol content stronger.
It’s usually consumed as after dinner drink.

It helps is cold and flu because of its strong anti inflammatory properties which reduces pain in sore throat and also helps in clearing mucus.
It’s strong alcohol content is antibacterial.

Other benefits of brandy are 

1) It contains antioxidants 
2) It is anti cancer (specially ovarian and bladder cancer) because of its ellagic acid content.
3) It’s anti-aging as brandy is distilled in copper barrels and due its antioxidant content.
4) Helps in reducing cholesterol and aids in cardiovascular health.

Caution: consume 30 to 60 ml post di.

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