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Homoeopathy On Gall Stone!

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Dr. Chinmoy Mahata 89% (182 ratings)
Homeopath, Purulia  •  5 years experience
Homoeopathy On Gall Stone!

Mother tinctures for gall stone colic

Atista indica q- colic pain around the umbilicus which makes the patient senseless. Pain aggravates after eating and is relieved by passing flatus. Nausea aggravates in morning. Canine hunger and desire for sweets. Indigestion from fried things. Bitter taste in the mouth. Vomiting after taking milk

Berberis vulgaris q-a specific remedy. Urinary symptoms are prominent. 

Cardus marianus q- swelling of gall bladder with tenderness and pain. Prevents further formation of gall stones

Chionanthus q- a prominent remedy for prevention of gall stones. Helps expulsion of the gall stones if already formed

Dioscorea q- severe pain. Pin ameliorates on bending backward

Cactus grandiflorus q- gall stones with constriction and cardiac affections

Stigmata madagus q- relieves at once the violent pain if given during paroxysm

Terminalia chebula q- intense pain in abdomen aggravated at night. Pain aggravated by sitting, better by lying down. Flatulence and distension of abdomen relieved by passing flatus. Anorexia, profuse salivation and bitter taste n mouth. Tongue is coated brown.

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