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Homeopathic Remedies for Penis Enlargement

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Homeopathic Remedies for Penis Enlargement

Homeopathy offers many options for penis enlargement. Not just providing immediate relief, homeopathy as in all cases, tries to address the root cause and treat the individual holistically.

Listed below are some common ingredients used in medicines that can improve the penis size. There are many formulations that use the below mentioned ingredients. All of these are herbs and aphrodisiacs that have been used from ancient times across continents.

They have been proven to have good results and improved sexual satisfaction:

  1. Cuscuta seed and bark extract: The seed of Cuscuta is believed to delay premature death of sperm and prevent premature ejaculation. The bark, on the other hand, is believed to relieve stress and improve the functioning of the nervous system. These two are used in combination in medicines to enlarge penis and help better performance.
  2. Hawthorn berry: In some formulations, the Hawthorn berry is also added which is believed to improve the blood flow to the heart and brain. Improved circulation to these vital organs help improve sexual performance.
  3. Damiana or Turnera diffusa: Popular in the Mexican and Latin American regions, there could be anxiety/depression, libido loss, and sexual insufficiency where Damiana can be of great help.
  4. Epimedium: Also known locally as the 'horny goat weed', this is believed to improve circulation to the penis, thereby enhancing erection and sexual sensation. It also affects the release of testosterone which is required for improved sexual urge and vigor.
  5. Saw palmetto: This improves blood flow and promotes hormonal balance in addition to treating urinary infections. The end result is improved sexual performance.
  6. Ashwagandha: Also known as poison gooseberry or Indian ginseng, this can be used in cases where the sperm density is low, or there is problem of reduced thinking ability, premature ejaculation, and weak penis.
  7. Ginkgo Biloba: This also is believed to improve blood circulation and oxygenation, leading to long-lasting erection.
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