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Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding In Summer Season

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Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding In Summer Season

Although nose bleeding is quite common during the cold months, they can occur in the summer months too. This is because, during the summer heat, your nose may tend to get excessively dry. The protective layer of mucus in the nasal cavity tends to dry up during the summer months, thus resulting in nose bleeding. The hot summers can also lead to allergies, which in result can cause it.

Natural Home Remedies for Nose Bleeding in Summer Season

Although nose bleeding may be quite messy, it is nothing very serious and can be easily prevented or stopped. Here are a few natural home remedies for nose bleeding during the summer season that you can try to stop it:

  1. Vinegar: One of the best home remedies Vinegar is easily available in any household and effectively stops nose bleeding. Just pour in some vinegar in a cotton ball or a piece of cloth and put it into your nose for some time.
  2. Ice: Ice also effectively helps with controlling nose bleeding. Just rub ice against your nose to reduce swelling in the blood vessels. The ice will also effectively numb the pain offering instant relief.
  3. Foods containing vitamin C: Ensure that during the summer months you take the right amount of natural Vitamin C into your diet. This is because Vitamin C helps in blood clotting, and will stop nose bleeding faster. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are guavas, kale, mustard, parsley, oranges, strawberries, and lemons.
  4. Baking soda: Baking soda works wonders for nose bleeding in the summer season. Just mix some amount of baking soda into water, and transfer the solution into a spray bottle. Spray your nose with the solution.
  5. Steam: Inhaling steam is a great way to prevent nose bleeding in the summer season. When you take steam, it moistens the nasal cavity and prevents it from becoming dry, thus avoiding any bleeding.
  6. Right posture: Another way to quickly stop a nose bleeding is to elevate your head. Keep your head in that position until the bleeding stops and try not to bend, as it can just aggravate bleeding.
  7. Whole-wheat bread: Make whole-wheat bread as part of your daily diet during the summer season. It is said to contain Zinc, which protects the blood vessels in the body.
  8. Drink water: Also ensure that you keep yourself hydrated at all times during the hot summer months. Drink plenty of liquids like fruit juice and milkshake, to prevent your nose from drying out.

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