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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Heat Headache - 8 Homeopathic Remedies For It!

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Dr. Naik HomoeopathyHomeopathy Doctor • 39 Years Exp.DM & S
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Extreme and sudden changes in temperature as well as exposure to such conditions can harm the body and lead us to fall sick. One such condition caused by extreme temperatures is the heat headache, which is a result of prolonged heat exposure.

When there is excessive heat, the body can end up reacting with heat strokes, dehydration, and headaches, among many other conditions. Thankfully, a holistic approach like homeopathic medicine for headache due to heat for such kind of problem. Read on to know more!

Sun Stroke or Heat Headache Homeopathic Medicine

  1. Aconite: This homeopathic medicine is most helpful when there has been direct exposure of the head to the heat. When there is direct exposure to the rays of the sun, the head may end up developing debilitating headaches, which can be treated with this medicine.
  2. Carbo Veg: Along with heat headaches in summer, the patients who will require this homeopathic medicine Carbo veg will also have symptoms like flatulence and pain in the upper abdomen area. Also, the patient will have a constant need for air conditioning and a cool breeze.
  3. Glonine: This Homeopathic Remedies for summer heat is usually helpful when the patient has gone through a sun stroke. High temperature is one of the symptoms of this condition along with persistent heat headaches. Drowsiness will also be experienced by patients in such cases. This homeopathic medicine mainly treats congestive headaches that have been caused due to a sunstroke.
  4. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Carb for headache due to gas: This medicine is used for treating the symptoms of sunstrokes that result in intense headaches caused due to exposure to extreme heat. Also, it is good medicine to use when there are exhaustion and exposure to other chemicals like gaslight.
  5. Bryonia: When the patient is dehydrated and demands water constantly along with the heat headaches, one can use this medicine. The patient will require plenty of water and rest along with this homeopathic medicine.
  6. Belladona: This homeopathic medicine can be prescribed for patients who are experiencing shooting pains on the intense and violent side in the head. These kinds of headaches also cause symptoms like cold feet and bloodshot eyes. Belladonna can be used to soothe these symptoms.
  7. Antimonium Crud for Heat Headache: The symptoms that this homeopathic medicine can cure include abdomen pain, indigestion, aches, and pains in the head – all of which are caused due to a sunstroke and heat headaches. When heat headaches have been caused due to hot drinks and a hot bath, this homeopathic medicine can be used for the treatment of the heat headache.
  8. Lachesis: This homeopathic medicine can be used for treating heat headaches that are accompanied by symptoms like faint headedness, dizzy spells as well as the inability to sleep. These symptoms are usually caused by sunstroke. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a Homeopath.

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