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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Healthy Sexual Life - How You Can Maintain It With Unani?

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Dr. N A KhanSexologist • 22 Years Exp.Doctor In Unani Medicine(D.U.M.B.I.M)
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A lot of elements go into making a profound and loving relationship among couples including sex. In fact, a healthy sex life is a key to a strong relationship. By a healthy sexual life, what is meant is the capacity of having erotic responses and experiences. A healthy sex life is necessary for one to be in his or her best mental shape and feel good about himself too. Poor sexual performance can not only cause vitriolic tensions among a couple but also can hamper their daily activities by creating emotional dissatisfaction. However, the ancient Unani medicine offers help in dealing with your sexual problems, while ensuring a healthy and fulfilling sexual life. The system of medicine can provide solutions for sexual and reproductive problems of both males and females.

Why is a healthy sex life important?
A healthy sex life is not only about mental or physical satisfaction. From lowering the stress levels to reduced risks of strokes and high blood pressure, when the sex life is a healthy one, various health hazards automatically decreases. There's no denying that sex is the ultimate tool for productivity and achieving the pleasure of the highest order as well as a primary tool for ensuring a fulfilling relationship. Therefore, to keep various physiological and psychological problems from troubling your relationship, it's important to take care of your sex life.

What is Unani medicine?
Unani system of medicine primarily originated and evolved in Greece, and was introduced in India by the Arabs and hence is often referred to as Arabian medicine. Hippocrates is considered to be the father of Unani medicine. And over time, this traditional medicine system has been refined and developed through systematic experiments, conducted by the Arabs. All the medicines offered by Unani medicine are not only safe and completely free from any side effects but are also very much effective. The medications are typically prepared from the various minerals, medicinal plants, and animal sources and the combination of different drugs and single drugs are preferred over compound formulations.

How Can Unani medicine help?
Usually, Unani medicines are available in four different forms, i.e., regimental therapy, dietotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and surgery. And when it comes to ensuring a healthy sex life, there are a number of Unani drugs that are known for their power to boost vitality and vigor.

The very reason for the failure to have a healthy sex life is either excessive stress and anxiety or any sexual problem. With, Unani medicines, as it becomes possible to cure the problems from their core, by strengthening the body's self-preservation power, it ensures a side-effect and illness free health that is capable of having essential sexual characteristics naturally.

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