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Health Problems In Winter

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MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Gurgaon  •  21 years experience
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Good Evening, I am Dr Tarun Jhamb, and I have experience of 15 years of clinical experience in my MD medicine. Today, we'll discuss the winter issues, everybody knows winter is a good time and everybody likes to have the warm clothes and it’s a chilled environment is good for the hot snacks also, but we have to take care of your health issues also. As we know winter we are more prone to our respiratory issues, cold, flu as well as our chest breathing trouble for asthma as well as gastritis. So we have to take care of all the consideration just to make the life comfortable and having less of the illness during this winter season. We will discuss one of the things diet precautions just avoiding the cold and child food those who are very prone to sensitive from the allergic point of view as well as the gastritis point of view. And as we know we are prone for dryness of our skin also during the winter season, so the different kind of lotions or moisturisers available to make the skin moisturized and Vitamin C in many forms are available, which is good for the skin as well as for the antioxidant effects. We can take a lot of citrus fruits also and medication for the vitamin C is also available and next way to take care in the winter the hand precaution because we are prone for viral inflammation or infection using the pen of each other, using the computer or what are the articles in the offices. Then we have to make adequate sleep also and just keep you motivated for our mind during the winter season will help to make out of all this the infection and inflammation during the winter season. Thank You for the kind help and thanks for the Lybrate for the services. If you need my help on medical services just been contact with the Lybrate services I will be most thankful to serve you.

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