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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Hair Transplant By FUE Method

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Dr. Shihiji .D.S.Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon • 11 Years Exp.MD craniofacial surgery, Fellowship in Hair & Transplant Surgery, Basic Life Support (B.L.S), Fellowship in facial Plastic Surgery, Fellowship in Rhinoplasty, Diploma in Trauma Surgery


I am Dr. Shihiji Shrivastva, cranio maxillofacial surgeon.  Today we'll be talking about hair transplant by FUE method which is the most commonly searched by people on website. So what is FUE? FUE is follicular unit extraction method. Now in this what we do it is first of all very safe, leaves less scaring and no stitches. So what exactly is a technique of doing FUE is the most commonly question asked by the patients to us. In this, there are 3 basic fundas which we follow is extraction, slitting and implanting. Now extraction is basically that we extract the hair follicles from behind the area which is the donor area. There are other donor areas as well which we will be talking about, the indications and contraindications of when to use when as a donor area in the next video. So in this, the grafts are taken from the donor area and are stored in there in cool saline or in plasma which is also called as bio FUE by a lot of clinics. So in this when the grafts are stored till then the slitting is done. Slitting is basically designing of the scalp.

It is done generally by the doctors. It's very crucial because it tells the directions and density is to be maintained. After this comes the implanting part. Now implanting is basically involvement of putting the grafts into the slits so that they stay there, stay hold so that they all when the skin heals and the all the collagen boost up happens it grows evenly and nicely. Before this the head is trimmed to one degree and the anterior part where the scalp is to be made is shaved off so that all the hair grow evenly when the hair starts growing. After this we will also be talking about the phases of the hair transplant growth as to how it comes and when the results are to be expected by the patients.

So when do the results come after FUE? You approximately take one year as a result downtime. Now in one year if you divide it into 3 halves that’s 0-4, 4-8 and 8-12 months, the first 4 months don't expect any hair to grow. The first four months is the shedding phase. All the transplanted hair that we have transplanted are going to shed off. Now this depends on body to body. Sometimes we do see the hair coming off in 3rd month as well. That's irrespective but to inform the patient that 3 to 4 months is the shedding phase. The here is going to shed. So, the patient is going to look exactly how he had come to you in the office after which the fifth month onwards 20% per month the hair is gonna grow. This phase from 5th month to 8th month is called the emergent phase. The hair now which is transplanted starts to grow. Now the last 4 months which is 8 to 12 months is called the maturation phase. All the hair that have grown they become thicker in density and now the scalp show reduces. Also the remaining 20% of the hair also grows increasing the complete complete head of the patient is given and the density is increased, scalp show is minimal.

This is the expected hair pattern of growth which comes after hair transplant and its a must to be informed to all the patients who come to your office. Now the instructions that we give to the patient are first of all a blood test to rule out any medical condition or ailment. Then we also ask the patient to undergo a patch test which is local anaesthesia allergic test to rule out for any allergy to the drugs that we are going to give during the procedure. Then the co comes a couple of antibiotics and painkillers and other medications if required from patient to patient, we have to assess and give and on the medical history that comes after the post-transplant procedure.

Third day we do the dressing removal after which we notice the swelling which comes down on the forehead and around the eye area. That's basically the fluid that we are injected throughout the day during the procedure. It starts coming down due to gravity and also the pressure dressing whenever it is you know little bit oedema also flows down. It goes off within 3 to 4 days. Please advise the patient to have a lot of fluids and water. From the day of hair transplant till 21 days, we advise the patient not to wear vest, t-shirts or do any sauna bath, heavy strenuous exercises like gyming and weight lifting, no helmets, nothing that to put stress on the scalp or anything nothing to be worn that rubs the scalp off for 21 days. And no smoking, no alcoholism must no no. Then after 21 days we keep the patient under the medications are over and 21 days of precautions are over. We keep the patient on a solution which contains minoxidil over the scalp and couple of solutions, serums and hair oils as in when advised and preferred by the patients and according to the condition of the scalp. So I hope I have cleared almost a little bit basics of hair transplant by FUE method and PRP.

Thank you.

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