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Hair loss

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Dermatologist, Noida  •  13 years experience
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Hello Friends! I am Dr. Punit Pratap, dermatologist, trichologist at Dermanext Skin & Hair Clinic, Noida.

So, today I will be speaking about hair loss. We have almost 1-1.5 lakhs of hair. Among these, 90% of hair keep on growing. Rest 10% hair are in resting phase. So, whenever we have some adverse condition in form of medical condition or medical illness like fever, sore throat, cough, viral infection or in the form of surgical trauma, hormonal factors, we start using these hair which is almost a 10% of total count. We call this a pattern of hair loss. Usually this condition is transient. Once this condition is settled, we start getting back these hair.

This hair loss is the most common problem in females. Underlying causes are inadequate nutrition in form of anemia because woman loses their bloods at the time of menses. The hemoglobin is at the lower side. Apart from that the psychological stress, lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition. This condition is transient and when we maintain the nutrition, the underlying cause is ruled out. This means we get this hair back. So, in males the most common cause is male pattern baldness or we call it androgenic alopecia. Patient may notice the symptom of thinning in hair and converted into androgenetic alopecia. This condition is progressive. Patient may notice the baldness from front. It also takes into the shape of vertex and finally the crown. This condition is irreversible if we don't take any medication. And we eventually get bald for the period of time.

So, to start the best thing is to consult a dermatologist as your medications will be started. We start noticing the hair loss when we see strains of hair in comb or while waking up from the pillow or at the time of shampooing. It can be prevented if the management is good at little earlier. So, we have many other ways like oral therapies, mesotherapy, PRP and the treatment for alopecia which is the most advanced form of the hair loss. This can be managed by the surgical restoration or hair transplantation. So, nutrition is the most important thing usually in females. And the hormonal and genetic factors in males.

Please consult your dermatologist if you see hair loss. So, this can be prevented. Because losing your hair has also an impact on psychological factor. Thank you very much.

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