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Hair Loss And Baldness

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Hello everyone!

I am Dr Mansi Sanghvi. I am a founder and medical director of skin 360, skin, hair and laser clinic. We are located at Powai in Mumbai. I have been practicing as a Dermatologist and skin & hair expert over the last 10 years now.

Today I will be talking to you about one of the most common issues that today's young people face that is hair loss and balding and how to manage it. In today's corporate world hair has become one of the important assets of one's personality and managing the hair health has become extremely important. These days what most of the young patient present to us is with androgenetic alopecia, androgen means hormone, so hormonally induced hair loss is becoming very common in young people males and females are like. So what are the factors that cause hormonal imbalance, these are essentially the sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, imbalanced diet, irregular sleep patterns and undue stress over one's body. Therefore the treatment for hair loss and balding should start with reversing the factor that causes hormonal imbalance, this includes introduction of healthy lifestyle, change in sleep pattern and regularising it, eating the right food and working out on daily basis. In addition to this your Dermatologist can help you with certain supplements which correct the dietary deficiency, of course the doctor will do the blood test first before starting the treatment. Doctors will also ask you to apply certain lotion on the scalp which improves the quality of follicles and make it live longer so that the hair becomes to thicker and denser. In addition to this starting with certain advanced treatment really help to regain the lost hair much faster. These treatment include introduction of stem cells and growth factor into your scalp so how do we do this, these growth factors are injected with very fine needles on your scalp. It is absolutely painless and much comfortable treatment to undergo, doctor may suggest you couple of sessions depending upon how bad the case is. It would be done somewhere between one week to 15 days and it just requires about 10 minutes of your time. The 2nd line management is much advanced and it is very popular these days, it is called PRP which is called Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. Now what is that, in this treatment we take about 10 to 15 ml of your blood and we centrifuge it to remove the platelets of your blood from it, now your platelets are very important for you because they carry the growth factor required for any tissue regeneration in your body. Here we are going to inject your platelets back in your scalp using fine needles to make the treatment much less discomforting what we do is that we apply the numbing cream on your scalp for half an hour which calms down the sensation so that when we do this treatment it's not painful to you. This treatment however requires about 45 minutes of your time, combining both these treatments together that is mesotherapy and PRP we have seen some wonderful results. Wherein we have helped the patient gain back about 30 to 35% of their lost hair back. Once the hair has been recovered it is absolutely important to maintain it. The maintenance of these hair follicles is in terms of eating the right nutrition applying certain lotions, at least two or three times a week the doctor will prescribe you and doing certain treatment every year to maintain the regain hair follicles. In very severe cases if the balding is very extensive we may suggest you to undergo hair transplantation. Which is done by the expert surgeon and it helps you to recover the lost hair which may help you to regain the lost hair and the lost confidence. I hope you have found this talk on hair loss and its management useful.

If you have any enquiry or if you would like to consult with me, then you can visit and take an appointment with me from there. Thank you very much.

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