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Glaucoma (Kala Motia)

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Hello everybody, I am Dr Ruchi I am a private practitioner ophthalmologist in Faridabad and my clinic is in 28 sector in Faridabad. Today I want to tell you all briefly about a disease which is known to be a silent killer or causing silently blindness which is we are finding it very commonly today in people all around the world, it is glaucoma in Hindi we call it as Kala Motia. Glaucoma we are finding it very commonly and noble screening of the patient who is diabetics, hypertensive, high myopia or the high minus power being patient, thyroid patient, migraine patient, anybody 40 + can develop glaucoma. It is necessary that you will have any symptoms for that generally some patients get coloured halos around the light, coloured rings around the lights but sometimes mostly it is seen as very silently keeping in and developing towards blindness, by the time the patient comes to know that he is a glaucoma patient. As a routine screening when the patient comes to our clinic, we do the pressure checkup and it is advised that everybody all these listed people that I have the patient I have told about should go in for a pressure check-up, but pressure check-up alone is not the indication for glaucoma. If the pressure is high, it is only an indication that we should go for the investigation for glaucoma and there are other 4, 5 parameters on which we judge, whether, the glaucoma is to be established a case or not. So I would personally advised everybody, if your doctor suggesting you to go in the direction of investigation for glaucoma do not overheat his advice because do not pay any attention to the advice because it is a silent killer you might not even come to know about it and one day you just turn blind then you come to know that you had glaucoma. It is a little expensive investigation but do not look at the price do investigate and as a routine you must get the pressure check up and the routine screening, we have OCD for that we have perimetry or the field charges for that and the central corneal thickness of the pachymetry that we do for this screening and the gonioscopy. So you must investigate and then we confirm whether you have glaucoma or not, do take care of this and If in case you want to come and visit me you can come and visit at my clinic I have the complete setup for the glaucoma investigations and the treatment for this is drop surgery is the last choice of treatment in this case, initially we just control it with eye drops only. So in case you want to come and meet me, I have two centres one is in 21-c, one is in 28 Sector both have a complete set for glaucoma assessment, you can come and meet me there. Thank you so much.

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