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Here are causes, effects and treatments of glaucoma

Hello I am Dr S Bharti founder and chairman of Bharti Eye hospital. Today I will be taking about Glaucoma quick is the second most common cause of blinding in elderly. Glaucoma is a complex of pressure and optic nerve damage related to each other and sometimes the pressure is higher than normal while sometimes it is normal. In either case optic nerve is unable to sustain the pressure and this condition is called Glaucoma. Most of the damage caused is irreversible and that is why regular eye checkups are important after the age of 40.

Glaucoma could be hereditary, diabetes is another common cause of it. That is why we suggest that people having other 2 situations should get very regular eye checkups.Glaucoma is a treatable disease and can be treated with eye drops. Surgery is required in extreme cases. The treatment available today is very successful and in most cases we are able to maintain a high quality of vision.

My suggestion is anybody who has a possibility of developing Glaucoma should go for regular eye checkups.Thank you. You can get in touch with me at Lybrate.

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