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Four Tips That Can Help Bring Down Stress During Pregnancy!

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Gynaecologist, Bangalore  •  47 years experience
Four Tips That Can Help Bring Down Stress During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is a time of numerous changes in terms of one’s emotions and life. Most women happily welcome these changes but, they invariably bring in new sources of stress in their lives. Feeling stressed is quite common during pregnancy but, when your stress knows no bounds, it may become difficult to cope up. It can cause trouble while sleeping, you can lose your appetite and it can give you headaches.

High levels of stress for a continuous span of time can cause a host of health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. When you are pregnant, this form of stress can surge your chances of having a low birthweight baby or a premature baby. If you are too stressed during pregnancy, you should follow some stress reduction techniques that can go a long way in aiding you to manage stress. Some of the stress reduction tips are:

  1. Getting more sleep: You are already aware of the fact that getting more sleep can reduce your stress. This is because sleeping is a wonderful feat of the body that allows the brain to restore the neurotransmitters which become depleted when you are sleeping. When you are sleeping, the parasympathetic nervous system is also getting the desired rest that aids the body to deal with stress. Though sleeping becomes a tough ordeal, particularly in the third trimester, you can keep the temperature low, avoid eating anything for two hours before bedtime and use a body pillow for finding a comfortable position.
  2. Taking long baths: This is perhaps the best way to relax and when you are soaking yourself in lukewarm water, it will help in relaxing body aches as well. It will also curb down the anxiety when you are going into labour. Make sure that you don’t use essential oils that have not been approved by your doctor.
  3. Indulge in a physical workout: Exercise aids in the release of endorphins while improving circulation. When you are pregnant, exercise can take your mind off the stress and anxiety. Before starting, it is important to have a word with your doctor to determine the move that’s safe for you. The best workout is one that you can continue all through your pregnancy and come back to even after your baby is born.
  4. Having a soothing massage: You will have to find an experienced and certified therapist who can give you a warm and rejuvenating massage. Positioning plays a crucial role when you are pregnant and you will either have to lie sideways or rest in a specially made table for pregnant women. If you are not able to arrange for so many things, a shoulder rub from your spouse can also work wonders.

As can be seen, these measures are easy to adopt. So, with these tips, you will be able to manage any stress during pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby.

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