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Foot Pain and Related Problems - What All Should You Know

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Foot Pain and Related Problems - What All Should You Know

Your feet are what keep you going through the day. Whether you are standing or walking, your entire weight is borne by the feet. This is the reason why foot pain is a very common problem. Any kind of discomfort in toes, heels, arches and soles is referred to as foot pain. The pain can be for a short time or become an ongoing issue.

It is important to understand that foot pain may not always be a result of an injury. There are many types of foot pain which actually do have nothing to do with feet itself as the origin of the same may lie in the lower back.

In some cases, the cause of foot pain could also be due to conditions causing inflammation involving any of the bones, ligaments or tendons. Arthritis is also a common cause of foot pain. Injury to the nerves of the feet may result in intense burning pain, numbness or tingling (peripheral neuropathy).

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are several other causes of foot pain and related problems which are discussed below:

  1. Achilles Tendonitis (ankle pain): It is a condition which is caused particularly by running. The pain caused in this condition is experienced at the back of the ankle. In this condition, the Achilles tendon which is located above the back of the heel becomes inflamed, hence causes pain while walking or running.
  2. Bunions: The enlargement of the toe joint on the inside of each foot is known as a bunion. In this condition, the toe bends inward and forms a bony lump on the outside of the joint. Eventually, this lump grows in size and become bigger making the joint stiff and inflamed. Though it is often hereditary, wearing poor footwear can also be the cause.
  3. Calluses and Corns: Calluses cause the skin to thicken over a wide area of the foot. It can be caused because of poor footwear or can be inherited. While the corns are a small nucleus of hard skin. It has a hard central core which presses the underlying nerves causing foot pain.
  4. Heel Fissures: Heel fissures or cracked heels take place due to excessive stress on the skin. People who wear open-heeled shoes or no shoes during summer often suffer from cracked heels. Heel fissures can be painful but are not generally serious.
  5. Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain): The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects to the heel bone. During less movement of long periods of not it use this ligament contracts and becomes tight. When it is stretched again, like getting up after sleeping, it is still tight and heel pain can occur. It also causes pain when it is irritated or inflamed.
  6. Ingrown toenails: Ingrown toenails can be extremely painful. The person suffering from ingrown toenails may experience redness, swelling, soreness and throbbing in the toe. Pain becomes severe if the toe is knocked or stood on. Poor nail care is the main reason for this conditions.
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