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Folliculitis - Know Symptoms Of It!

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 Folliculitis - Know Symptoms Of It!

Folliculitis is an ordinary dermatological condition which causes the hair follicles of the skin to be inflamed. This condition, which occurs due to both bacterial and fungal infection, causes small red or white pimples to form around the hair follicles. The infection, if left untreated, can spread and turn into rough, coarse sores which may take a long time to heal.

The Staphylococcus aureus bacteria responsible for causing the infection leads to this commonplace condition. In some cases, folliculitis can be also caused by viruses and fungi which had perhaps penetrated the ingrown hairs causing subsequent inflammation. This condition is categorized and diagnosed as a superficial or deep infection depending on the number of hair follicles involved. 

1. Causes:

- Friction caused by shaving or tight - fitting clothes
- Heat and sweat, due to prolonged exposure to the sun
- Skin conditions like acne
- Tightly wrapped bandages or dressings on the skin

2. Symptoms:

- Clusters of tiny red or white bumps in and around the hair follicles
- Reddened and inflamed skin
- Itchy skin and rashes
- Pus-filled blisters that may crust and later break
- Swellings on the skin

3. Risk Factors:

Anyone, whether young or old, may develop folliculitis. But, there are certain factors that increase the risks of the condition. The following are some of them:

-  Conditions like HIV or AIDS that reduces the immunity in your body
-  A pre-existing condition of acne or dermatitis
-  Being obese
-  Medications and ointments with side effects
-  Improper shaving

Many times, people ignore this condition, presuming that it will heal with time. But if left untreated, complications such as large itchy patches of skin, increased swelling and heightened inflammation of the hair follicles may occur. If the condition persists for too long, it is advisable that you consult a doctor.

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