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First Trimester Pregnancy - What To Expect

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Dr. Vidya Bisla 92% (18 ratings)
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Gynaecologist, Gurgaon  •  21 years experience
First Trimester Pregnancy - What To Expect

The first 12 weeks of your pregnancy is a super important period when your pregnancy gets established and stabilized. There are so many little exciting and not so exciting changes happening in your body that it'll simply leave you amazed. If this is your first pregnancy and you are wondering what to expect, here is a quick view: 

1. The big discovery: This is one of the most trying times in a woman's life when her mind is swinging, wondering if those periods just decided to postpone themselves or if there is an exciting reason behind the miss. This period is often spent wondering when exactly is the right time to do your first pregnancy test. The opinion on this varies a lot. Some women have been able to detect their pregnancy even before they missed their period. Others have got a false negative one week after missing their periods. The safest bet is to wait for around 8 days after your missed period and do a blood HCG test which gives a sure shot confirmation. And that moment when you find out and share with your spouse is something you'll treasure for life. There really is no feeling in the world that can match knowing that a small little life is taking shape inside you.

2. The good and not so good changes: Though the kicking doesn't begin until later and the belly doesn't show, there are enough changes in your body to wonder what the little one is up to. 

a.    Morning sickness: One of the unfriendly side effects of pregnancy generally kicks in early during the first trimester. Unfortunately, it doesn't just last in the morning but mostly throughout the day. Some smells also trigger the feeling of nausea. Having small meals and keeping a good scent handy may help. 
b.    Mood swings: You can go from the heights of euphoria to the depths of depression with the speed of a roller coaster. The spouse is often the one bearing the brunt of this side effect leaving them confused. It is best to keep them in the loop so that they can take it to their stride and comfort you when you need it the most. 
c.    Weight loss / gain: Though it is too early to pile on the pounds, your first trimester will see you gain a few pounds. In other cases, appetite loss and nausea may actually result in some weight loss. Keep your daily calorie intake in check during this period and concentrate on eating nutritious food with extra pregnancy sustaining supplements.
3. Your baby's growth: In your first trimester, your baby goes from a single cell to a peach sized bundle that sprouts arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes. And that first heartbeat - you are bound to skip a heartbeat when you hear that. 

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