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Fibroids: Non-Cancerous Tumors Of The Uterus

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I am Dr Vaishali Sharma I am practicing as consultant gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon and infertility specialist in South Delhi. Fibroids are non cancerous growth these are actually in a overgrowth of the normal tissue of the uterus commonly known as rasoli in normal layman term and we should not worry about the fibroids, most of the time we can find the fibroids incidently on Ultrasound, if we will do the ultrasound in hundred women than 50% of them will be having small one or two fibroids. So there is nothing to worry about until unless there are symptoms which are caused by the fibroids.

Like if a female is having increase bleeding during periods or pain during periods or she is unable to conceive or there is history of multiple abortions then we may need to treat the fibroids and investigate further. We need to look at the size of the fibroid what is the sight of the fibroid and the surgery also depends on these factors. So, in cases where the fibroids are small and these are away from the cavity in such cases the patient can go ahead with the pregnancy, there is no problem.

But in case is the fibroids which is a bit bigger like 3-4cm or more than, or just close to the uterine cavity then we need to treat that fibroid by surgery. There are many methods which are available for treatment medicines are there, injections are there, and the surgeries are also available which are needed only in a small subset of the patients. The Laparoscopic surgery can be used to treat the fibroids, they can be many fibroid, they can be large fibroids. Nowadays we can remove them with the laparoscopy and there are hardly 2-3 small scars on the abdomen. The patient has to get admitted for one or two days in the hospital and if the fibroid is inside the uterine cavity than those can we remove hysteroscopically, it is absolutely scar less surgery there is no suture or any scar in the abdomen and patient can go home either the same day or the next day. So in case if you have any further query or you need to know something more about the Fibroid, you can contact me via Lybrate.

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