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Erectile Dysfunction - How To Eradicate It?

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Erectile Dysfunction - How To Eradicate It?

Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence in men. When you lose the ability to retain an erection during sex, then you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. There are many different reasons why you might suffer from it, like stress, fatigue, relationship issues, consumption of alcohol or performance anxiety. You will find many different pharmaceutical or surgical methods to cure erectile dysfunction, but here is a list of various different types of natural treatments which you might under take:

1.        Walk: Walk for at least 2 miles every day. Walking not helps you to stay healthy, but also helps reverse the situation of impotence which you might be suffering from. It also helps obese men retain their erection while having sex. Walking also helps you maintain a trimmed waistline which helps you fight erectile dysfunction. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight which reduces the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction.

2.   Exercise: Exercise seems to be the key answer to many such disorders. Even erectile dysfunction can be cured or treated with exercise. Pelvic or Kegel exercises will help you promote urinary continence as well as sexual well-being. Exercise helps you to strengthen your bulbocavernosus muscles which are responsible to engorge the penis with blood while erect. It also helps in ejaculation and clearing the urethra after urination.

3.   Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a very popular form of treatment. Treating erectile dysfunction with 
acupuncture is one of the easiest treatments. This is because in most case erectile dysfunction occurs due to a psychological cause, and acupuncture helps to release this as it can relieve you of stress and anxiety.

4.    Intake of Herbal Viagra: Red ginseng is known as herbal Viagra, as it possesses the ability to help treat erectile dysfunction. However, red ginseng needs to grow for 5 years before it can be used as a natural supplement of Viagra. A 2008 review has found red ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction effectively.

5.    Watermelon juice: Watermelons contain an amino acid called citrulline which helps in improving the blood flow to the penis. Watermelon is also called "nature's Viagra" as it helps achieve an erection and retaining it.

Erectile dysfunction sometimes tends to be extremely embarrassing. You might not want to discuss it with any one, whether it is a friend or a doctor. So if you try out these natural treatments, neither will you have to feel embarrassed nor will you regret trying them out. You can be rest assured that these will definitely help your condition.

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