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Enlarged Prostate And Its Treatment

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MBBS Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery, Fellowship In Infertility, MCh - Urology, MS - General Surgery
Urologist, Delhi  •  34 years experience
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I am Dr Kaushik and I am urologist consultant Urologist at Holy Family hospital and I have a clinic where I do concentration at Gurgaon called the complete family clinic.

Today I want to talk about prostate and its treatment C prostate is basically a problem which 90% people will face by the age of 95 it may start anytime after 50 years any change in your habit of how your passing urine any burning in urination any blood in urine any increase in frequency these are all the warning signs that one should look for and if they are there you should see your position or better or urologist because the evaluation will be a thoro evaluation and treatment if initiated early is very simple in form of few tablets taken everyday.

If it is ignored then yes one my need a surgery or the disease may progress and surprise you in the form of malignancy as well, therefore, any gentleman beyond 55 years of age should have really check up of his serum PSA is rectal examination and any gentleman anytime having change in his urine frequency or any problem while passing urine should see a urologist treatment is if again we talk about surgery requires laser prostatectomy is very safe procedure and we have performed in last couple of years hundreds of prostatectomy with very happy and 30 results glad patients thanking us but the Crux of the whole thing is early detection early initiation of the treatment.

Thank you.

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