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Effective Tips To Reduce Excessive Weight!

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Effective Tips To Reduce Excessive Weight!

Obesity is the condition wherein a person has an excessive body weight as a result of genetic or lifestyle related factors. This condition if not taken seriously can be life threatening as obese people are at risk of developing chronic conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and may also lead to a heart attack. Hence it is crucial to undergo weight reduction.

Calculate the weight you need to lose
Before you begin to practice effective steps for losing weight consider the amount of weight you need to shed. You should first measure your current weight and then calculate your body mass index (BMI) to find the amount of deviation from the recommended range. Then consider the difference between your current and ideal weight as your target weight.

Tips For Losing Weight

1. Eat Right

  • Consult a nutritional expert- It all starts with the right diet. An Individual’s eating habits contribute significantly to his weight. If you are obese or overweight, then you should consult a health expert and have him prepare the appropriate diet based on your weight and body type.
  • Balanced diet- Make sure you have lean meats, fruits, and green leafy vegetables as part of your diet. Also, cut down on the amount of food you consume and your intake of sugar, salt, and fats gradually. Also, water is the best medicine since it flushes all the toxins out of your body. Make it a point to drink around 2 litres of water on a daily basis. It will help clean your system and also keep you feeling full and hydrated.
  • Regular meal time- Another effective tip is to eat regularly. If you skip meals, then your body starts storing excess fat to act as a reserve. If you eat regular meals in small portions, you not only slow down the fat storing process but also reduce the quantity of food you consume.
  • Healthy options- Moreover, switch immediately to the modern-day marvel that is green tea. This seems to be very effective as of late and is helping obese people greatly since it is rich in antioxidants. If you do not prefer green tea, then aloe vera juice is an even better alternative.

2. Exercise
An obese person needs to exercise regularly. If you find it difficult to do exercise, take baby steps. Start with easy sitting and lying exercises. Go out into the open such as a garden and perform these exercises early in the morning for just 10 minutes. As you build your stamina, increase the intensity gradually.

3. Manage stress
Shed some of that stress in your life as stress and weight are directly correlated. Lose out on stress, and you will also lose those extra pounds.

4. Don’t neglect sleep
Six to eight hours of sleep is essential for a healthy being. Insufficient sleep results in increased levels of cortisol. Cortisol is associated with weight gain.Hence, it becomes crucial to rest enough.

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