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Diarrhoea First Aid With Homoeopathy!

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Diarrhoea First Aid With Homoeopathy!

Acute diarrhea is a disorder which leads to a person passing a number of watery stools. It may be accompanied by cramping pain in the abdomen and at times fever too. Food and water-borne bacteria, parasites and viruses cause such problems.

Rapid loss of water in the form of watery stool can cause a situation known as dehydration which can disrupt the normal functioning of the body. Along with it, the essential salts (electrolytes) of the body are also lost.

While the oral rehydration salts and fluids significantly reduce fatalities from dehydration, they do not treat the underlying infection that is causing diarrhea. Homeopathic medicines veratrum album, arsenic album, podophyllum lead the homeopathic table for treating diarrheas and provide quick relief to patients by eliminating the infection.

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