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Ms.Ritu Singh 87% (63ratings)
M.Sc - Clinical Nutrition, B.Sc - Home Science, Certified Diabetes Educator
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Faridabad  •  7years experience
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Hello everyone!

I am Dr. Ritu Singh a dietitian and nutritionist and a diabetes educator. Basically today we will talk about detoxification. Detoxification is basically cleansing of the body in various ways. First is exercise. People usually detox their body through vigorous exercises and different forms of exercises. Second is detoxification by having fruits and vegetable juices. It's a good way to cleanse the body through vegetable juices and detox juices. Basically, it helps in removing the free radicals and toxins from the body. Next, there are many foods available for detoxification. First is Apple juice, Dandelion tea, herbal tea. Nowadays, herbal teas are in fashion. Herbal teas help in cleansing the body in many different ways. So we can try some herbal teas like ginger tea, fennel tea, jeera water.

All these come under herbal teas which helps in cleansing the body and detoxifying it. Basically, after detoxification, you will feel more energetic, active and light. Your body will feel more lightly and you will stay active for the whole day. So in a week or in a month, it is important to detoxify your body. Not just for your good glowing skin but for your overall health. So what nowadays we are recommending is, detoxify your body at least once a week. Keep one day fasting or keep yourself one day on some liquid water or liquid diet which includes fruit juices, herbal teas. Basically, in winters it is good. It is good if you go for herbal tea. Detoxification is all about resetting, cleansing and detoxifying the body from inside and outside.

So nowadays it is important to detox your body not just for your glowing skin, not for your good health, not for other things. It is important to detoxify your body for kidney, lungs, and functioning of other organs. Detoxification is important. You can detoxify your body by just water also. Water is a good source of detoxifying our body. Basically, it is good for hydration purpose also. Detoxification is needed. It addresses the individual needs to clean the body. So it's good if people detoxify the body 3 times in a month. I hope I have solved all the queries of my clients and patient who are looking for detoxification programs. I would like people to share your queries on the detoxification program.

Thank you!

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