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Dermographism Urticaria - How It Can Be Treated?

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Dermographism Urticaria - How It Can Be Treated?

For some people, even lightly scratching their skin can leave behind raised welts that are similar to hives. This may not be painful, but can affect a person’s self image and confidence. This condition is known as dermographismurticaria or skin writing. This condition is most common amongst teenagers and young adults under the age of 30.

The exact cause of this condition is unclear but it may be triggered by drugs, insect bites, a helicobacter pylori infection or scabies. Psychological factors such a stress and anxiety can also contribute towards this condition. In this condition, scratching the surface of your skin can cause the release of an antigen that interacts with other cells known as mast cells to further release histamines into the tissues. In the process, small blood vessels begin leaking which allows fluid to accumulate under the skin and creates inflammation.

Though this condition is not life threatening and can be treated and managed.

  • The first step towards treating this condition is to recognize its triggers and avoid them. Reducing stress and anxiety can also have a positive effect on this condition. Keeping skin well moisturized will also help reduce itchiness and the urge to scratch.
  • Dermographismurticaria is usually treated with oral anti histamines. In some cases, a combination of two or more antihistamines may be required. This form of treatment will need to be continues for a few months to benefit from it. 

This condition can also be triggered by exposure to extreme temperatures. Hence, the patient should avoid saunas, jacuzzi and freezing temperatures. 

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