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Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES)

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Good morning!

I am Dr. Shashank, Neuro Physiotherapist at Xcell Physiocare. Spine and brain injury has a very devastating effect on the family as well as on the patient so rehabilitation place a very important role. Aaj kal ke jo physiotherapy ke existing trends hai usme generally kya focus hota hai- on the cross muscle exercises, general balance and walking. But nobody focuses on minute aspects of them which plays a very important role in the social well being of the patient. For example- components of walking, speech and specifically the hand training part. So we at Xcell Physiocare brings to you advanced neuro setups that caters to all your needs. So we use latest technologies and we have detailed assessment tools to diagnose to assess the patient and to set the customized treatment protocol according to the needs of the patient not the gross treatments which everybody follows everywhere. What is advanced neuro rehab centres? We have new technologies to aid the patients, to equip the patient.

For example, we are using state of the art machines and the latest thing which we use is cranial electrical stimulation. Basically jo neuro rehab ka patient hota hai, jo neurological disorder ka patient hota hai, usme brain mein sensation waves memory ke liye. Ya psychosomatic disorder ke liye for example- depression, insomnia, anxiety. In sab ke liye brain relaxation is very important so we stimulate the brain and it has very fantastic results. We have functional electrical stimulation. Aapne generally dekha hoga ki stroke ke baad generally jo patient hota hai uske haath mein hand function, jaise hands were like this specifically in patients or pair mein foot drop ho jata hai jisse ki patient ko hath se likhne ka kaam ho gaya, kapde pehanne ka kaam ho gaya ya activities of daily living wo hamper ho jata hai.

Similarly foot drop mei what happens is ki patient ko chalne main difficulty aati hai. Jo normally gate pattern hota hai patient ka wo uss tarah se nahi rehta hai. For example, heel pehle strike karti hai foot baad mein aata hai. Toh yeh sab cheez jo hoti hai yeh abnormalities aa jati hai normal functioning uski nahi rehti hai. We have introduced things like FES in our centres. It has a very fantastic result. It will help the patient to cause dorsiflexion of the foot jisse ki chalne mei usko bahut aasani ho jati hai. Similarly in case of hand. Hand training me kya hota hai jo post-stroke hand hota hai it is like a clenched fist. Ab usko opening mein bahut problem aati hai. But with the help of the electrical stimulation like FES, we place some kind of electrode and we have very authenticated and researched protocol on that which helps in hand opening and hand grasping.

So it's a new concept here and it is of great help. Again we have a dedicated gate lab with harness system. Ab ek paralysis patient hai jiske dono pair kaam nahi kar rahe, pelvis control nahi hai. Aise patient ko walk karwana ek bahut tedious task hai. So with the help of harness system it is very safe and effective for the therapist to make patient walk on stationery as well as on the moving surfaces and without letting the patient get injured and it is a very safe process. Spine pe excessive load nahi aata hai. Pelvis aapka balanced rehta hai and we can improve the speed of walking with help of a treadmill. So it is a new concept and we are focusing on that.

Then we have a dedicated hand unit section. Our experienced occupational therapist focus to work on the hand training protocol and teaches new techniques how to cope up with the activities of daily living. Stroke ke Baad patients main difficulty kis chiz ki aati hai? Shirt nahin pehan paate hain, toilet activity nahi kar paate hain, joote ke laces nahi bandh paate, shirt band nahi kar paate hain. Ye sari activities we dedicate training. We focus to teach such type of patients. Now we have a virtual reality training centre labs. It is very boring for a patient to do same exercises again and again and again. So we have created and simulated an environment. We are using Xbox 360. we have certain games for hand training as well as for lower limbs.

So patients become very enthusiastic while performing these activities. Then we have a visual feedback on the screen so patient ko bhi interest create hota hai. Aur ispe hum ek hi time mein multiple components pe kaam kar sakte hain for example- trunk pe, pelvis pe. Hands ki game hai to we can improve hand coordination with certain things. Foot ka koi game hai to we can improve the foot coordination, balance from that. So these things have a very positive effect on the patient.

So these are the basic things which we are using here and wish you a very happy health.

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