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Clapping - 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of It!

Dr. Priti Srivastava 89% (42 ratings)
PGDCA, BA-Psychology, MA-Psychology, Phd Understanding Mental Retardation
Psychologist, Ghaziabad  •  30 years experience
Clapping - 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of It!

We all think of clapping as a way to applaud somebody for a job well done in sports, award shows, theater or movies. However, there are a number of hidden benefits that clapping has been proven to have. In the recent years, there are different types of groups in parks who get together in the morning and/or evening. Some of these groups indulge in laughing, there is also another group who gather around to clap.

Our body is a bundle of nerves and blood vessels spread all through the body and is one of the most complex networks we will ever know. Each organ is linked to the other and a bad effect on one organ can put the other in danger. The palms, basically, contain nerve and blood vessel endings and stimulating them through clapping helps improve the health of organs like kidney, digestive tract, and lower back. Sounds surprising? 

Well, there are about 30+ acupressure points in the palms, which are activated when you are clapping. These connect various organs including low back, neck, kidneys, lungs, stomach, etc. and have indirect benefits as noted below.

  1. Clapping improves the overall heart health and maintains the blood pressure level. Blood circulation to various organs is also improved by regular clapping. Clapping also helps improve asthma-related problems by promoting the function of nerve endings that connect these organs.
  2. Beneficial for children. In children especially, clapping is known to improve the brain function and contribute to better handwriting, reduced spelling mistakes and improved concentration.
  3. Reduced occurrence of infections. Clapping helps immunity by boosting white cells, which are essential for fighting germs and therefore reduces the occurrence of frequent infections. Regular clapping is also shown to have benefits on improved bone health in cases of arthritis and associated pains.
  4. For the back. Be it middle or low back pains, there is an immense benefit from clapping. The severity of the pain can be reduced significantly. Strange as it may seem, clapping is also shown to reduce instances of insomnia and improve hair health
  5. For mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, clapping can be very easy to do exercise that costs actually nothing. If you think the kidneys and palms are very distant from each other, think again. For gout, which affects the kidneys, clapping is shown to be immensely useful. Both the severity of gout and the progression of the disease can be halted.

A word of caution: For better results, clapping is to be done after applying an oil like mustard oil or coconut oil. So next time, your clapping shouldn't be a part of just applauding. Include it in your routine exercise and see the results yourself. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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