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Chronic Diseases And Homeopathy

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Homeopathy Doctor, Navi Mumbai
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I am Dr. Abhay Patil from Ashwini Homeopathy. We have established our homeopathy center in 1994 and we have been practicing since then. Well, my wife and my assistant are running this clinic. We specialize in all types of chronic diseases and believe in constitutional homeopathy treatment. We believe that a person has to be treated holistically. In homeopathy, the history of a person is very important to us. History includes his nature, his eating habits, past history, family history. After taking the history details we try to understand the patient and treat them constitutionally. Homeopathy is the only science which treats the person holistically. We improve the general immunity of the person.

So as the chances of him falling sick decreases. He feels better both at the mental, physical and psychological level. Each and every case take minimum 1 hour for us. The system is first my assistant takes the case history. Then we analyze it all together and prescribe medicine. We try to maintain the highest quality standards available in homeopathy. We treat all types of chronic diseases from Cancer, Asthma, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Eczema, etc. From 5 to 7 years we are now specializing more in Cancer cases. As you know cancer is is on a rampage. It is mainly due to bad lifestyle, bad habits, the greed which is present in people. This greed is taken up by cells and they try to multiply producing diseases like cancer. With homeopathy, we can definitely cure cancer. I am not saying that we can cure all cases. It depends on which states the patient is at and what is the individual resistance of the person.

If the person is walking, talking, if he is more or less comfortable his immunity is great, then the chances of cure are very high. If he is bedridden, he is already taken chemotherapy, radiotherapy then I am sorry to say then the chances decrease significantly. There is a wrong misconception among people that homeopathy is only passive, it contains a steroid. So if this was the fact we have been treating more than 15000 patients till now and homeopathy is the science which is progressing daily throughout the world.

Homeopathy is the only science where the minimum dosage is administered and we do not have any side effects in the patients. Of course, if the drugs are taken indiscriminately without the physicians' knowledge any and every medicine can cause side effects. So if you take homeopathy from a right homeopath, chances of you getting a holistic cure right from your mental as well as physical level are very high. So if you want to meet me or you want to make an appointment you can contact or reach our website. If you have any query then you can consult Homeopathy Doctor in Navi Mumbai and get the answer instantly.

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