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Chest Pain - Can Homeopathy Help You Treat it?

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Chest Pain - Can Homeopathy Help You Treat it?

Chest pain is a common problem that most people experience. Chest pain can signal anything from a muscle cramp to even an impending heart attack. You should never ignore symptoms of chest pain as it can signal a serious underlying disorder. The details about chest pain are not described here as it is beyond the scope of this article. The focus is on various homeopathic treatments to treat chest pain symptoms.

Homeopathic Remedies for Chest Pain

Homeopathy is an alternative system of medicine that was started in the year 1796, by Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the premise that the substance that causes a disorder if introduced in the right quantity in the body, will cure the same disease. Compared to mainstream homeopathic medicine, homeopathy products are not synthetic and are free from any side effects.

Homeopathic Medicine for Chest Pain

The homeopathic remedies that are given below not only treat chest pain effectively but also get rid of the actual cause of the pain. The best thing about these homeopathic remedies is that they are completely free from any side effect, whatsoever. The various homeopathic remedies for chest pain are:

  1. Rhus Tox: This homeopathic remedy is effective in treating pain that spreads to the shoulders from the chest; these symptoms tend to worsen in damp and cold weather.
  2. Arnica Mont: This homeopathic remedy is prescribed if you experience chest pain along with soreness in the body,
  3. Ranunculus B: In the case of intercostal rheumatism wherein you experience pain in the muscle between the ribs, this homeopathic remedy is usually recommended by the practitioner.
  4. Kali carb: Homeopathic remedy Kali carb is used to treat stitching pain in the chest that worsens during the early hours of the morning.
  5. Rumex C: Homeopathic medicine for chest pain and cough problem. This homeopathic remedy is used to treat pain that develops in the left lung, followed by coughing.
  6. Bryonia: For a stabbing or a burning chest pain that worsens when you move, Bryonia is considered to be the appropriate homeopathic remedy.
  7. PhosphorusThis homeopathic remedy is recommended when you experience heavy coughing and chest pain caused by pneumonia or tuberculosis.
  8. Carbo-veg: Use Effective homeopathic Carbo-veg is used to treat chest pain resulting from acidity, gas, and indigestion.
  9. Robinia: This homeopathic remedy is used to treat symptoms of chest pain that originates from behind the sternum (breastbone) as a result of acidity. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.

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