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Chemical Peel

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Treatment to Improve Appearance of the Skin

Hi this is Dr. Rittika. I'm a Cosmetic Physician at Clinic Cosmederma and a Weight Loss Consultant. Today I'll speak about Chemical Peels.

As our years pass it tends to take a toll on our body as well as our skin. The most prominent part where the signs of ageing show is our face. Now we have many ways and methods with which we candelay this experience and look younger for longer. One of those methods is use of Chemical Peels. Now what are Chemical peels and how do they work? Cheical peels are basically weak acids which are formulated into peels with the help of other chemicals. These work by dissolving the topmost layer of the skin, the dead cells and, it results in revealing a skin which is younger and brighter. Acids which are commonly used in peels are Lactic acid, Salycyclic acid, Trichloroacetic acid and Glycolic acid.

Among the non surgical methds of facial rejuvenation the use of chemical peel is the most popular methodbecause they not only reveal a younger and brighter skin but also enhance the tone and texture of the skin. We can use a chemical peel on our face, body, area around eyes and neck. These are generally used for improving various types of pigmentation like frckles, melasma, age spots, sun tan, PIH etc, for treatment of acne, acne spots and scars, for improvement in appearance of mild scars, for reducing fne lines and wrinkles, for photoaging, for enhancing the tone and texture of dull tored and rough skin, for giving the skin overall hydrated and youthful glow.

Now, why should you you use chemical peels and why should you choose them as a process of skin rejuvenation.

Because, first of all it is a non invasive process, safe and has minimal complications, it is inexpensive and totally affordable, many of the peels can be done as a lunch time procedure and you can walk out of the clinic and resume our work almost immediately. Peels can also be combined with other processes likemicrodermabrasion and microneedling. With the advent of wide variety of peels, there are a large amount of problems which can be addressed and peels can be customised to meet almost all the demands of the patient.

So to discover a radiant skin with the help of chemical peels and to know more about chemical peels please visit Clinic Cosmederma or book an appointment through, thank you.

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