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Cervical Spondolyisis Do's and Don'ts Tips

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Cervical Spondolyisis Do's and Don'ts Tips


Pain in the neck sleep in a straight position by spreading the arms sideways
Use a small pillow i.e. Not more than 3-4 inches thickness
Check for bike shock absorbers often and use smooth roads
Sit erect and use neck in erect posture in all your jobs
Take rest or move about once in 1-2 hours in case of working in a constant position
Rest your wrist on a table or the elbow on the chair while using the computer
Maintaingood posture while reading or working with computers
Always work comfortably while doing any job
Wear collar while traveling to avoid pain and deterioration
Wear warm scarf on cold days
Warm up slowly to relax the stiffness, if any
Do simple and gentle exercises
Take high fibre content diet like vegetables, fruits, etc.

Take zinc, selenium, omega3 fatty acids to have better healing or relief


Don’t put hands under the head while sleeping
Don’t lift any heavy weight or do any strenuous exercises
Don’t massage violently with analgesics, since it can aggravate the complaint
Don’t use traction or collar or painkillers or drugs continuously
Avoid cold exposures and cold bath
Avoid citrus fruits, egg, tomato, potato, since they can precipitate pain.

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