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Last Updated: May 28, 2020

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - How To Avert It?

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The human hand has multiple bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles which in unison help us to grip things and manipulate other objects to do our work. Within the wrist lies a narrow passageway on the palm side which houses the main nerve for movement of the nine tendons. These tendons help us to move our fingers individually and grip things or accomplish any task we want with our hands.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where this nerve gets pinched due to variety of factors and may have adverse affects. Some of the symptoms include tingling, numbness and pain with movements of the arm. 

Causes of Carpal tunnel syndrome

The nerve within the wrist which is known as the median nerve can be pinched due to a variety of factors:

1. Movements, where the wrists are always higher and in an angle - Repetitive movements of the wrists where the hands are always at a lower angle, can increase the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is usually a workplace related problem and thus be caused by bad hand posture.

2. Medical conditions - There are certain medical conditions that may also trigger the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome such as diabetes, thyroid, menopause and other problems.

3. Pregnancy - Pregnancy has also known to cause carpal tunnel disorder as it can alter the balance of fluids within your body. However, other factors could also put your fluids in imbalance and cause problems with the median nerve.

4. Conditions that my cause inflammation - Certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis can cause the inflammation within the joints which might lead to the median nerve being pinched which in turn might lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Some preventive measures from carpal tunnel syndrome

1. Breaks from repetitive work - It is important for your wrists to have a break when you are doing repetitive tasks that might cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Relax and stretch your muscles within the break time

2. Wear wrist splints - These are support devices which can help correct problems for repetitive actions throughout the day while you are sleeping. 

3. Take pain reliever if you start having chronic pains - If your wrist pain is not letting you functions normally, take a pain reliever such as ibuprofen or aspirin and go to a doctor as soon as possible for a more thorough treatment.

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