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Cancer Causing Food You Should Definetely Avoid

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Cancer Causing Food You Should Definetely Avoid

Without realizing, we consume certain foods, that raise our risk of getting cancer and if you banish these everyday foods from your diet, you could reduce cancer risk by 50%. The most common kinds of cancer that affect both men and women are gastrointestinal cancers like colon, stomach or liver cancer. These organs are all responsible for digestion and when you eat cancer-inducing foods, these organs withstand the worst of it.

What is meant by cancer-causing food?

Cancer-causing or carcinogenic foods contain a certain chemical that on entering your body, make you prone to cancer. They could have been exposed to certain temperatures and processing that make them unfit for human consumption.

The World Health Organization has recognised the following food items as carcinogenic foods-

  • Processed Meat

Processed meats like pork, sausages, bacon, and canned meat are categorized under Class 1 carcinogenic foods. There are high chances that you will get cancer in the long-run. They raise the risk of bowel cancer by 18%. The preservatives in the meat as well as the compounds they generate in the body, up cancer risk.

  • Refined sugar

Several studies have proved that cancer cells use refined sugar as fuel. That is why they thrive and develop when there is plenty of sugar in the system. It also does not allow cells to function normally and that leads to cell mutation and cancer.

  • Sodas and other carbonated drinks

Such drinks contain high levels of fructose and corn syrup. They contain toxic chemicals that not only restrict the body from absorbing nutrition from food but also can trigger cell mutation.

  • White Flour

When wheat is processed to make flour, it loses all of its nutritional value. Moreover, the process involves infusing the wheat with certain chemicals that the human body is unable to metabolize. When these unprocessed chemicals enter our bodies, they trigger abnormal cell development.

  • Canned Foods

The metal containers or plastic wrapping of packaged foods contain Bisphenol-1, a chemical that can cause cancer.

If you make a determined effort to weed out these food items from your life, and in their place opt for organic food, you can drastically reduce your chances of getting cancer.

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