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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Calling Sugar Addiction A Sweet Tooth Habit - Know Signs Of Being Addicted!

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Dr. Ashish KhandelwalPsychiatrist • 17 Years Exp.MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
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Sugar is, beyond doubt, the most addictive substance in the food group. In fact, by some estimates, sugar is more addictive than some of the hardest drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. Sugar is everywhere. It's so omnipresent that most of us don't even think about avoiding it for good reasons. We consume sugar unconsciously by the minute. We tend to consume it without knowing where it comes from and the dire consequences it may cause.

You would never think that sugar could be addictive, but it can be, for sure. What's important for us is to know the signs of sugar addiction so we can make sure that we are not addicted to it. Most of us might be addicted to sugar without even knowing it. Moreover, we are happy to announce that this article has been designed to help you identify the signs of being a sugar addict. So, if you think you have started consuming a lot of sugar these days, you must go through the following points very carefully:

1.   Do You Keep Your Sugar Habit a Secret?

Most of us are aware of the fact that sugar is bad for us. However, we often fail to realize just how bad it really is. We even fail to understand that it can be one of the biggest threats to our organs and overall physical health. We are completely blind to this fact. There are also a lot of people who tend to share a love-hate relationship with sugar. We know that it's bad for us, yet we keep going back for more. In fact, many of us tend to hide our sugar habit from other people, like family and friends. Isn't it? So, if you are also one of those folks who tend to keep their sugar intake a secret, you must realize that you might be a sugar addict. In this case, you must consult your healthcare provider and try to look for options to deal with your sugar addiction.

2.   Do You Frequently Crave Sugar?

Are you having a hard time resisting your cravings for sweets? Some people are just fine with a little candy bar every now and then, but if you feel that you can't stop eating sweets, we must tell you that you might be developing an addiction to sugar. However, you do not have to bite your nails about it as it will surely not require you to give up sugar forever. There are many ways to curb your cravings, and they all begin with understanding why the addiction exists in the first place. Moreover, for a better understanding, you must see your doctor regarding this issue.

3.   Do You Need Sugar to Soothe Yourself?

Sugar addiction is an ailment that can swiftly destroy your health and leave your body with multiple diseases. We must keep in mind that a sugar addiction should not be ignored like it has been for too long. You must be thinking about how to find out that you are a sugar addict. Let us tell you that there are certain signs and symptoms that can help you know if you have sugar addiction. One of them is if sugar soothes your body or you crave it when you go through an emotional or physical pain. You must see a doctor without second thoughts if you experience anything like that.

4.   Do You Feel Guilty About Consuming Sugar?

Sugar seems to be a preferred substance for many people when it comes to food. It releases happiness hormones, which make the consumer feel good. It goes without saying that when you feel good, you want more of the same good feeling, which is where sugar addiction comes in. Moreover, if you have feelings of guilt about eating sugar, then it is a sign of being a sugar addict that you must recognize and begin dealing with. Sugar is bad for you; it is addictive and causes a host of diseases, such as diabetes and a number of heart diseases. You should cut down on your sugar consumption, and if you can't do that, it is time to get help.

5.   Do You Binge on Sweets?

Do you tend to binge on sweets? Do you often struggle with the urge to eat more and more desserts? Is it hard for you to control yourself when you are around sugary snacks or desserts? If so, then you may be a sugar addict. You must know and recognize the fact that sugar addiction is a serious problem and one that is often glossed over. Identifying that you are a sugar addict is the first step to getting over it. One sign is your frequent urge to binge on sweets and that you can't live without them. You can also test this by having a sugar-free day. If you cannot make do with a sugar-free day, you are probably a sugar addict and you need to see your healthcare provider or a counselor as soon as possible.


There are many ways that sugar impacts your body and your overall health, which is why we encourage all of our readers to follow a sugar-free diet as much as they can. It must be noted that sugar is one of the most addictive substances that you can consume, and when you have a sugar addiction, it can manifest itself in several different (negative) ways. So, you must keep yourself away from sugar as much as possible, especially if you think you are addicted to it. In addition, we hope that you find this article useful. Please feel free to share your views with us!

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