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Breast Reconstruction - 3 Things To Know About It!

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Breast Reconstruction - 3 Things To Know About It!

Breast reconstruction is the surgical procedure of creating a new breast shape. In some cases, it is done after the removal of the whole breast or part of the breast. In typical cases, breast reconstruction surgeries take place during or after mastectomy, which is the surgical procedure of removing a woman's breast. But it can be done even years after a mastectomy.

1. Factors to consider before opting for the surgeryConditions like obesity, smoking, diabetes, cardiac dysfunctions and high blood pressure are few of the many points that should be considered before opting for reconstruction. The presence of these conditions may complicate cases and in some episodes may pose a significant threat to a patient's life.

Also, women diagnosed with breast cancer or at a high risk of developing such in the future may have to opt for mastectomy. In such cases, the doctor may suggest breast reconstruction after the process.

2. The process of the surgery - Typically, breast reconstruction surgeries are done using an implant. Implant breast reconstruction includes the restoration of the shape and volume of the breast. The newly formed breast will not droop with age and may appear higher than the other one.

Implant reconstruction is also useful for women with small and firm breasts as it avoids the need for other extensive surgeries. 

Another type of breast reconstruction would include a procedure where one's own tissue is used. Tissue from the abdomen, buttocks, and inside of the thigh is generally used to replace the existing breast tissue. Similar to this is the procedure where a patient's own fat is processed and used to create a breast. This is commonly known as fat injection.

3. Limitations of a breast reconstruction surgery - There are certain limitations present in the process of breast reconstruction. Reconstructed breasts will not look or feel exactly the same way as before. Several appointments and cosmetic treatments might be required to obtain the best results. In usual cases, reconstructed breasts do not have a nipple. But one can be created using surgery at a later date.

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