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Breast Cosmetic Surgery

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American Board of Plastic Surgery, , American Board Of General Surgery, MS - Dermatology, M.B.B.S
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I am doctor Ajay Kashyap medical director Cayasmedical centre. I am U.S board certified in plastic surgery. Today I’ll be talking about cosmetic surgery for the breast. The cosmetic surgery of the breast is basically breast reduction for very large breast which can be symptomatic. Breast lift or mastopexy for lifting up breast that has become saggy and loose but has adequate volume and thirdly breast augmentation on enhancing the size of the breast. Now going over one by one with these three surgeries lets first talk about breast augmentation. Now breast augmentation can be done through a variety of approaches. One can be through a small incision just below the breast or in the fold of the breast the second incision could be in the axila or the armpit and the third incision could be around the nipple area. An implant is put in place a different place it can be behind the muscle or in front of the muscle. It gives an impression of the enhanced volume of the breast and the surgery is carried out in general anaesthesia. Takes more than an hour or so and the patient goes home the same day usually. It’s a fairly comfortable procedure and the results are very satisfactory.

The risks are minimal and the results are very predictable as well. the implants can be placed be behind or in front of the muscle. And it results in something like this. This is through autologous or through fat which can be the other approach instead of the implants you can use fats from patients own body and reshape the breast the incisions are usually very hidden and the implant should last for many many years. Although for a young person they may need to be changed in 20 or 25 years depending on the kind of implants the second procedure I’ll talk about is a breast reduction. This is a very common problem in ladies have very heavy breast with accompanying shoulder and back pain and a poor posture. This can only be improved by a procedure of breast reduction and the approaches to breast reduction can be either liposuction which can give a very small amount breast reduction or there can be a surgical breast reduction. Now breast reduction involves different techniques.

One can be through an incision just around the nipple the second can be through what we call a lollipop or a vertical scar technique and the third can be anchor-shaped incision. All three of them have different advantages and disadvantages however the most important thing is that eventual result should be safe and ladies should beautiful looking breast with a decrease or increased elevation of shoulder and back pain. So going through the different incisions something like this. There are two different incisions this is the vertical scar technique this is the circumareolar technique and this is the vice pattern where very large reductions can be done. The results look something like this the breast is lifted up they are shaped up and they become smaller some of the relief is from lifting up itself and the rest of it is from size reduction they can be done at any age we usually prefer to do them once the person has achiever adulthood but I have done it at patients as old as 78 years. So it depends on how bad the situation is how much the hypertrophia and decrease in sizes and how symptomatic the person is. Now, this is a lady in her 70’s and you can see the nice look you can get. The third procedure which involves similar incision is called a breast lift or mastopexy this is usually done when the breast becomes saggy and they kind of fall down.

This happens because of major weight losses and weight gains and also after pregnancy ageing is also a significant contributor to the sagginess of the breast. The procedures are done in a similar manner as a reduction but without loss of volume, the breast is lifted up with the same kind of incision around the nipple alone or with a vertical scar or with a vice pattern which is like anchor shaped scar. Having said this there is one kind of reduction which is specifically for males which is a gynecomastia reduction. A significant number of males develop a breast and they can be very conscious about it especially in the locker rooms or the swimming pools around there friends. Or especially when they wear tight tee shirts or do not have a tee shirt on. For them, a very simple procedure is gynecomastia reduction which can be done through a virtually invisible scar. Here we go this is what it looks like before and after you don’t even see a scar here so it’s a very satisfying procedure for gentlemen because they can come in the morning get it done and by afternoon they are home. there are a couple of things that I have to say in addition to what we just talked about one thing is one kind of augmentation is becoming increasingly popular is autologous fat which is from the persons own body which I've briefly touched upon. It can sometimes be improved further by adding what we call platelet-rich plasma from the persons own blood the amount of augmentation you get with this is less than with the implants but usually, it is quite satisfying for the person who is seeking average improvement in the size of the breast and firmness of the breast. This has to be done very carefully it takes a little longer than implant augmentation but it’s a very satisfying procedure. If you wish to know more about these procedures you can contact me through Lybrate or through my website which is

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